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My unexpected journey into photography

Hi everyone, I'm Paloma! Mexican-born, Oregon-transplant, and forever captured by the magic of capturing moments through a lens.

Scrolling through social media, have you ever wondered what draws so many to the path of photography? It's a question I often asked myself, knowing each person's story is unique and their motivations diverse.

My own journey began in high school, I always saw a school of photography in Cuernavaca that sparked my passion. But with a creative spirit, I felt called to pursue a degree – not just in photography, but in graphic design. In the middle of my studies, an unlikely dream took root: to become a war journalist, documenting the stark realities of human struggles. While guidance remained elusive, the vision of myself amidst conflict zones faded away, for different reasons.

Life, however, took a different turn. I dove into graphic design, finding fulfillment at a dream job where product photography and making catalogs became my everyday hustle. Cuernavaca, bustling squares and vibrant streets seemed idyllic, but I longed to explore those scenes through a lens. Safety concerns and unfamiliarity with landscape photography kept that dream on hold.

Fast forward, in 2009, came the jaw-dropping moment that changed everything: moving to the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be standing here, surrounded by the majestic cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge. (The story of my arrival in Oregon? That's a whole other adventure, and I'll share it all soon!)

All the beyond beautiful landscapes replaced studio walls, and my heart soared with the beauty surrounding me. This was the push I needed. I still had not so much experience in landscape photography because in my city, that was simply not a thing. Once here, I sent many cold emails, I made few connections and I embarked on a new adventure – exploring the world of outdoor photography.

It hasn't been easy, I feel my path was very rough at the beginning. I have learned by myself and little by little I have turned obstacles into opportunities. I still find myself growing alongside my skills. This blog is my way to share not just my photos, but also the stories behind them – the challenges, the little triumphs that make me feel great, that I am not only taking pictures but that I am contributing to the visual story of this place that I consider home.

Join me on this journey as I navigate the ever-evolving world of photography. Let me show you how I see the beauty hidden in everyday moments, explore the power of light and shadow, and maybe, just maybe, you also get inspired to get a camera and get on your own journey of capturing beauty.

If you have a minute, would you mind responding any of these questions?

What kind of photography resonates with you? 

Do you have a favorite style or subject?

What challenges do you face in your own photography journey?

Thank you! until the next post ;-)

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