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Lost in a swirling fog, both literal and metaphorical, I kept searching for the perfect shot. Doubt clouded my vision, mirroring the thick mist that held to the landscape. Miles ticked by, rain blurring the windshield at times, each turn revealing only more of the same. Discouragement engulfed me but a short break in the atmosphere offered a glimpse of this ethereal scene. Was this real? The fog, once an obstacle, became a frame, revealing the iconic Hood River bridge in a way I haven’t seen before. I got lucky, the air was very still, nothing was moving, except for the dancing fog around. This was a reminder that sometimes, the most breathtaking life’s turns emerge from moments of surrender. We need to keep moving, even when the path seems obscured, we will discover the most profound beauty.


Surrendering to Fog

PriceFrom $100.00
  • Please allow 3 weeks to receive your order.

    Metal Prints:

    • High Gloss. Ready to hang with ¾ metal Inset Float. Very resilient materials.
    • Hygienic and durable medium.
    • The surface is waterproof and scratch resistant.
    • Colors are vibrant.


    • Natural wrap (image wraps around the sides). 1.5" depth.
    • Ready to hang
    • Rolled up only available. Please inquiry. 

    Fine Art Print:

    • Cotton art paper for FinaArt printing. 
    • Archival paper. Acid Free. 308gsm.
    • Not included: matt, backing matt, frame.
    • Something to consider are the additional framing costs.   

    Regular Print:

    • Photographic Prints Finish lustre.
    • Not included: matt, backing matt, frame.
    • Something to consider are the additional framing costs.  
    • *Prints larger than 40" will be shipped in tubes. 

    Please contact me to inquire about custom sizes.

    Shipping is included in all the mediums and formats.

    Rushed service, please inquiry.

  • Please consider that my photography business is small, I do not have access to the same discounts from providers as larger businesses. I am committed to providing my clients with the highest quality goods and services. I send to print to different labs with top-notch expertise. I never cut corners on quality, and I take great pride in my work. I offer my best every time. You can brag about buying your art from a  woman-owned, small local business.

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